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Pakefield Primary

School staff


Core Leadership Team

Mr M Payne Headteacher
Mrs M Rodwell Deputy Headteacher
Mrs R Creasey Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion
Teaching Staff 
Miss K Boggis Nursery Teacher 
Mrs R Creasey Reception Class Teacher  - Giraffes 
Miss A Jeffery Reception Class Teacher  -  Zebras
Mrs S Nielson     

Class Teacher - Year 1 - Turtles

Phase 1 Leader 

Mrs S Gow

Mrs J Head

Class Teacher - Year 1 - Tigers
Mrs L Kinrade

Class Teacher - Year 1


Mrs A Bale

Class Teacher - Year 2 -  Meerkats

Mrs H Phillips

Miss H Wilson

Class Teacher - Year 2 - Penguins
Mr M Fleckney

Class Teacher - Year 3 - Eagles

Phase 2 Leader

Miss C Abel Class Teacher - Year 3 - Bears
Mrs L Davies Class Teacher - Year 4  - Sharks
Miss L Hicks

Class Teacher - Year 4 - Dolphins 

Phase 2 Leader 

Miss M McCann   Class Teacher - Year 5 - Badgers
Mrs H Lindow Class Teacher - Year 5 - Lions

Mrs S de Sousa

Class Teacher - Year 6 - Koalas

Phase 3 Leader 

 Miss S Thomson

Class Teacher - Year 6 - Pandas 

Mrs F Harper

Class Teacher - Year 6 - Pandas


Mrs A Lock 

Phase Leader

On maternity leave 

Mrs M Game PPA Teacher 
Mrs P Jennings School Counsellor
Mrs K Blowers Pastoral Support Worker 
Support Staff
Mrs K Tallett-Pickess Business Manager
Mrs M Gooch Administrative Assistant
Mrs L Hirst Administrative Assistant
Miss J Williams Administrative Assistant
Mrs L Reeve Cover Supervisor
Mrs M Bedwell Cover Supervisor
Mrs C Warren HLTA
Mrs H Wells Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Osborne Learning Support Assistant
Mrs V Veness Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Turner Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Starling Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Mutton Learning Support Assistant
Mrs I Firmin Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Strachan Learning Support Assistant
Miss S Gow Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Bacon Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Stebbings Learning Support Assistant
Miss A Saunders Learning Support Assistant
Mrs H Stokes-Hayward Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Goldspink Apprentice TA
Miss C Wells Apprentice TA
Miss W Sparkes Nursery Nurse
Mrs K Simpson Nursery Nurse
Mrs J Mann Head of Kitchen
Mrs S Roberts General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs D Philp General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs S Askew General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs A Starling Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs S Jackson Senior Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs E Thurbon Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss J Powles Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs D Whiteside Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Goldspink Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss J Eastaugh Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs N Clements Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs N Reynolds Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Heath Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs C Fulcher Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs V Blackburn Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs K Mills Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss C Gooch  Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs C Stammers Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Bullard Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mr L Thompson Site Manager
Mrs E Thurbon Cleaner
Mrs S Jackson Cleaner
Mrs S Berriman Cleaner
Mrs S Wallis Cleaner


Word of the week - INQUISITIVE

Meaning: having or showing an interest in learning things; curious.

Etymology: from the Late Latin inquisitivus 'making inquiry, or to seek information'.

Quis means to seek in Latin.  This can be found in:
acquisition, exquisite, inquisition


inquisitively, adverb
inquisitiveness, noun

Please remember that we are a no nut school. 


We would like to invite you to our Nursery & Reception open morning for September 2020 admissions

8th January 2020  -  between 9.00am and 11.30am  

Please call the school office on (01502) 574032 for more information.  We look forward to seeing you.


Applications for children starting Reception in September 2020 need to be submitted to Suffolk County Council by Wednesday 15th January 2020.  Please visit - www.suffolk.gov.uk/admissions - for more information.