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Beach Schools @ Pakefield

At Pakefield Primary School we strongly believe that our local community and environment underpins the learning and ethos of our school.  We see Pakefield Beach as a rich resource, which is an extension of the classroom.  We use the beach to both learn and have fun on. 

We are committed to ensuring safe and high quality experiences when using the beach; storytelling, problems solving and environmental impact studies are all key elements to our time that we spend on the beach.  

We will visit the beach in any weather, come rain or shine. The only instances where weather will stop a beach trip is during storms or particularly strong winds.  We always ask for parental volunteers to support our work and time at the beach. We are lucky enough to have a group of comitted parents who are always at hand to support our visits. This helps us to ensure that our beach experience is always available.  


Preparing children for beach learning:   

As part of our beach schools program, we encourage children to take calculated risks as part of their overall development that will support them to become well-rounded individuals and custodians of the beach.    


Before going on the beach, the children discuss and share what the sessions will involve and what learning will take place. The children are reminded that everything we find on the beach, belongs at the beach, so we must not take anything from it – unless in our litter-picks.  The rules and code of conduct are discussed before and during each session, this ensures that all children understand how to keep themselves and others safe.  


Activities that children may take part in:  

  •  Sharing books and story telling  
  • Mathematical problem solving  
  • Shelter building   
  • Creating and building sculptures in the sand   
  • Drawing and writing in the sand e.g. story maps, writing  
  • Exploration – finding different levels of the beach  
  • Collecting flora (vegetation) and fauna (wildlife) 
  • Collecting rubbish and cleaning the beach   
  • Paddling   
  • Running games  
  • Beach ball games 
  • Art using materials found around the beach 
  • Studying the tide   
  • Studying erosion  
  • Using our senses and wellbeing 





Word of the week - INTRIGUE

Meaning if something, especially something strange, intrigues you, it interests you and you want to know more.

It comes from:
The Old French intriguer - to trick.
The Latin intrigare - to muddle.

Suffixes - ed and ing

Synonyms - engross, captivate
Antonyms - bore

Please use this word in daily conversations.


Please remember that we are a no nut school. 


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