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Koala News
"Read all about it, read all about it"


Koala News is Pakefield's first newspaper, written by the children and for the children.  Noah in Year 5 is the Editor and is excited to share his work with our community. Simply click on the purple blobs to read more!


Issue 1 - 14th October 2019




As it is anti-bullying week word of the week is - CONSIDERATE

Meaning to show careful thought or to take care not to harm others

It comes from:
The Latin, consideratus - to look closely.

Suffix - ly
Prefix - in

Synonym - thoughtful, mindful
Antonym - inconsiderate

Please use this word daily.


Please remember that we are a no nut school. 


Applications for children starting Reception in September 2020 need to be submitted to Suffolk County Council by Wednesday 15th January 2020.  Please visit - www.suffolk.gov.uk/admissions - for more information.