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School Council


My name is Brooke and I am 10 years old.

I am in year 6 Pandas class.

I like horse riding and trampolining also I like school work like English as well as reading.

I am a caring and cheerful person.

I think that I would be a good school councilor because I am hard working and kind to others. I would enjoy the meetings and new challengers. I would listen to other peoples ideas and I'll be fair and helpful to everyone. I will pass on all ideas and requests that other students tell me.

With my creative ideas I would like to make Pakefield primary school an even better place to be.



My name is Harry.

I am in year 6 Lemurs class.

I will be a good school councilor because I will help other people develop through the year.

My favorite food is roast dinner. My hobbies are football and cricket.




My name is Noah and I am in year 3.

I'm kind and helpful. I want to make the school a better place.

I like go to karate and Beavers. I enjoy cycling, camping and being outdoors.



My name is Jack.

I am in year 2 Penguins class.

I like playing games with my friends and writing stories.

I am kind and helpful at home and school.

I wanted to be on school council because my cousin was and said it was fun.

I want to help Mr Payne with the whole school assembly.



My name is Summer and I am the school councilor for year 5 Badgers class. My hobbies are dancing, singing and acting. My favourite of these is dancing which I have been doing since I was 2 yeas old.

Recently I have been playing football which is starting to be one of my favourite sports. I support Spurs. So now you know a bit about me and might find some more through the year.

I am looking forward to the year ahead.



My name is Oliver.

I have wanted to be on the school council for many years and now my dream has come true.

My hobbies are playing with my friends and playing tennis.

The reason I like playing tennis is because I like hitting balls a distance. I also like swimming, I have learnt to swim and now have started swimming club.

Finally I like watching F1. I like it because it inspires me to race and be the best at everything.



My name is Matilda

I am 6 years old

I like playing with animals.

I have two dogs called Peggy and Sandra and two fish and a cat called Cat

I am kind and like helping people.




I like being in school council because I like helping people and making sure everyone is happy and also safe.

I also like to make sure everyone is being kind. I'm kind and helpful and also I'm happy to help anyone.

My hobbies are playing foursquare and I like after school clubs



I am really pleased to be on the school council.

I want to be able to help people and make this school even better. 

I enjoy playing the Ukulele, I love drama and Beavers.





My name is Darcey and I like doing ballet and swimming. My favourite food is donuts and my favourite colour is mint green. I have been wanting to do school council for years.


Amelia - School Council Secretary

My name is Amelia and this year I'm going to be School Council Secretary. I am proud to take on this role and will represent the school as well as I can. As a secretary I will be writing down everything that is said in the meeting so that everything gets recorded. Also, I take a register to check that everyone is in the meeting at the correct time.

In my spare time, I like to read, write, play with my friends and relax with my family. I have a variety of friends and I love my role in the school council.  My favorite lesson is English (Literacy) because I love to develop my writing and make it even better. Also I love all of the fancy words that we learn.